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Contact:   Geneviève McLaughlin          

Phone: 647-370-7550





A young girl’s imagination takes her across the universe 

in this rollicking rhyming tale.



Toronto, Ontario, Canada, October 20, 2021 -- Young Emily has a fantastical dream to create a magical, flying car and soar the skies, exploring with her co-pilot teddy bear. With imagination, nothing can stop Emily as she takes a wild adventure through outer space, returning just in time for bedtime. Artfully written by Genevieve McLaughlin with a dreamlike quality, Emily Bean and the Flying Machine is a wonderful read-aloud for bedtime and anytime.


Emily works on her project all week, using boxes, bows, colors, and captains’ chairs, of course. The time comes when Emily and her navigator, Captain Theodore Bear, begin their mission, taking all of the essentials with them—cookies and milk, of course. As they blast off into the sky, the cities, houses, and buildings become smaller and smaller as their magical flying car passes shooting stars, moons, and planets.


Emily and her trusty traveling companion land on Venus and, with a proclamation, they plant their flag for all the universe to see. Journeying 100,000 light years is hard work and, as their eyes got droopy and sleepy, they wondered if mom had dinner ready. After landing safely and sleepily regaling mom with their adventures, Emily cuddles under her bed covers and continues her amazing adventure in her magical flying  her dreams.


In the spirit of imaginative favorites like Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are and Cressida Cowell’s That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown, this playful read-aloud will delight families with its whimsical art and rousing storytelling. The playful Emily Bean and the Flying Machine is an entertaining read-aloud for parents and educators of young children, reinforcing the wonder of imagination.

In December 2021, Emily Bean and the Flying Machine was announced as a Mom's Choice Awards® Gold Recipient.


April 2022, Emily Bean and the Flying Machine received the Story Monsters Approved! Award, for Children's Fiction 

(ages 3-5) 2021, from Story Monsters LLC.

April 2022, Emily Bean and the Flying Machine was recognized as a Finalist from Book Excellence Awards. 


Author Bio

Children’s book author Geneviève McLaughlin’s passion for creating stories emerged as a young child. Having lost her mother to Lupus when she was four, one of her biggest comforts was when her father and grandmother would read her bedtime stories. In her later youth she immersed herself in fantasy tales and began penning her own stories, winning the Etobicoke Public Library Award for young authors at the age of eleven. She was hooked, and her dream to be published was born.

Geneviève gets inspiration from the wide scope of literature that she reads, and spending time with her children traveling and enjoying nature. She believes that a great story is one that features a character on an intriguing adventure that has the reader feeling a part of their mission such as her newest picture book, Emily Bean and the Flying Machine, a story initially created for her daughter many years ago. She hopes her young readers come away from her books wanting to bring their own imagination to life.

When she isn’t writing inventive stories for children, Geneviève enjoys hiking with her family, landscape painting, working on dioramas, and cooking multicultural foods. With a heritage hailing from France, Ireland, Scotland, and the Philippines, Geneviève lives in Toronto, Canada, with her husband, two children, and their two cats and a cockapoo. Emily Bean and the Flying Machine is her debut children’s book.


Contact:   Geneviève McLaughlin          

Phone: 647-370-7550



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