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The World of Emily Bean

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Welcome to the World of Emily Bean! 

Join Emily Bean, a vivacious, adventurous girl that goes the distance in her journey, wherever her colourful imagination takes her. Tag along and explore with her, as she ventures into the vast array of places and landscapes through the use of her skills, her imagination and with friends to help her along the way. 

Emily Bean and the Flying Machine, is the first book in the Emily Bean series, preceding the newest addition and now a multi-award winner! (More about the awards and the first book can be found on the Emily Bean and the Flying Machine info box link.)

Emily Bean is evolving and continuing her journey in the upcoming story, Emily Bean and the Ocean Marine. Find out more (including a very special sneak peek) in the info box below!

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Multi award-winning children's book,
Emily Bean and the Flying Machine

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Crisis in Ukraine

February 24, 2022- As some of you know, my illustrator Mykhail Ridkous, his wife and family, are currently in Ukraine. The senseless war transpiring in this beautiful country is beyond unthinkable. Please take a moment out of your day to offer your thoughts and prayers to the entire country of Ukraine and for those who are closely connected to the people affected by these rapidly changing events. If you are able, please take a look at some ways you can help during this humanitarian crisis. We have provided several options for donations and other outlets who are tirelessly working to help those in need. 



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